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Woburn Little League Coaching Policy & Guidelines

Woburn Little League managers and coaches must be leaders. All must recognize that they hold a position of trust and responsibility in a program that deals with a sensitive and formative period of a child's development.

It is required that the manager and coach have understanding, patience and the capacity to work with children. The manager and coach should be able to inspire respect. Above all else, managers and coaches must realize that they are helping to shape the physical, mental and emotional development of young people.

A Woburn Little League manager must be something more than just a teacher. Knowledge of the game is essential but it is not the only badge of a Little League coach or manager.

The heart of Woburn Little League is what happens between the adult manager/coach and player. It is the manager more than any other individual who controls the situation in which the players may be benefited. Improving the level of leadership in this vital area must be a continuing effort.

Children of Little League age are strongly influenced by adults whose ideals and aspirations are similar to their own. The manager/coach and player share a common interest in the game, a desire to excel, and determination to win. Children often idolize their managers and coaches, not because the adult is the most successful coach or mentor, but because the manager and coach are sources of inspiration.

Managers and coaches must be adults who are sensitive to the mental and physical limitations of children of Little League age and who recognize that the game is a vehicle of training and enjoyment, not an end in itself. It has been stated many times that the program of Little League can only be as good as the quality of leadership in the managing and coaching personnel.

Anyone interested in being a Woburn Little League manager or coach should register on our website, and be willing to undergo a screening process includes a background check, CORI check, as well as an interview with our procurement committee.

Who is responsible for the conduct of the manager and coach? First and foremost, it is the manager or coach themselves. Each of us in Little League must take responsibility for our own actions.

All appointments are subject to final approval by Woburn Little League's board of directors.

Coaches/Managers Official Code of Conduct

Woburn Little League managers and coaches must be leaders. All must recognize that they hold a position of trust and responsibility in a program that deals with a sensitive and formative period of a child's development. Woburn Little League will not tolerate any unsportsmanlike conduct within any aspect of our program.

Board members, coaches, parents and spectators are expected to conduct themselves as positive role models within the community.

Coaches are responsible for the conduct of their players, as well as the parents and other spectators who attend the game. A coach (including assistants), player or spectator can be removed from the playing field or spectator area by order of an umpire, or any other board member for violating any of the following rules of conduct. Non-adherence of any of the following will be subject to disciplinary action:

Section 1


  1. Any direction of remarks or actions to a coach, player, spectator or umpire that are of a distracting nature.
  2. Refusal or failure to meet league obligations or league rules.
  3. Arguing with an umpire or league official over a call on the playing field.
  4. Throwing equipment or the damaging of any property.
  5. Refusal to follow any league or game rules or removal of a team from the field of play before regulation play is done, unless it is done so for player safety.
  6. After each game, in the spirit of good sportsmanship, all coaches and players shall form two opposing lines and proceed through a traditional, orderly "handshake line". No coach or player shall avoid participation in this line or exhibit unsportsmanlike conduct in the line.



  • First Violation: Written Warning
  • Second Violation: 3 Game suspension from coaching or attending practices and games
  • Third Violation: Indefinite suspension from coaching or attending practices and games (pending board review)


Section 2


  1. Verbal threats, use of profanity or actual physical harm towards players, umpires, league officials, coaches or spectators.
  2. Any use of or under the influence of any alcohol or illegal drugs at any time during or at any practice or game or at any Woburn Little League field.



  • First violation: Indefinite suspension from coaching or attending practices and games (pending board review)


Manager Do's

Don't Do
Don't yell across the field at an umpire or opposing manager Do call time; meet the other individual away from young ears and calmly discuss your issues
Don't run across the field to confront anyone. Do ask for time or wait for the end of an inning to discuss problems.
Don't emotionally or physically intimidate anyone. Do remember that we are all trying our best and be tolerant of other's mistakes.
Don't let your emotions get carried away. Remember that your players and parents will follow your example. Your players notice your gestures, no matter how subtle Do let your players know that everyone, including umpires and coaches, make mistakes and that it is a part of the game they must learn to live with.
Don't get angry at a bad call in a little league baseball/softball game, it is not the end of the world. Do remember that you could be back at work instead of enjoying a sunny day.
Don't assume that your Division Commissioner has all the help they needs. Do help teach a new manager how to be a better coach; after all we are all on the same team. It is only through experience that we learn all the rules.
Don't take advantage of another manager's inexperience, that is not sportsmanship and it causes hard feelings. Do volunteer if you see something that needs Doing, every time someone Does a little, it is that much less the Divisional Commissioner is stuck with.
Don't miss the League meetings. It is the only way we have to pass information to you Do volunteer for work on committees, it is a great way to learn how the league works.
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